collaborative worldbuilding 
&  speculative storytelling


     2022 – SPA

     In collaboration with ceramist Funda Baysal                 
     Photography: De Schaapjesfabriek


Xenofossils emerged from an ongoing research into climate futures, artificial coral reefs and postnatural landscapes.

The sculpture consisting out of reconstructed pieces of coral and questions dualisms about of nature and culture, artificial and natural. The piece was con-structed by hands in small and was scanned afterwards. Afterwards, the digital model was poured back into a ceramic physical body, but this time many times larger using 3D-printing techniques. The work has been produced in close collaboration with ceramist Funda Baysal.

Xenofossils was developed during a Cross-TIC research trajectory guided by Tetem and has been made possible thanks to a financial contribution from Tetem and Cross-Tic.