collaborative worldbuilding 
&  speculative storytelling


     2019 – EXH 

     Concept, research and design by Erik Peters 

     Sound design by Malte Burmester
     Animation by Thijs Rosman

The_Designer.TMP (from digital temporary files, or foo files) is a project about the changing role of the designer
in a changing world. We are at the beginning of a new era, one which can be seen through the framework of the Anthropocene: a proposed geological era characterised by the influence of humans on the earth system processes. Global warming, animal extinction, plastic soup, all these phenomena are connected.

We are part of an ecosystem with interactions between not only the organic, such as humans, animals, geophysical systems, but also the non-organic, like technology, A.I. and plastic soup. What position could the designer take in this changing world? And what language could be a suitable as an inclusive communication format for this new ecosystem?

The project proposes a new more-than-human language, on based on sound frequencies. Each character speaks at a different waveforms:   sine, square, sawtooth and triangle. An excerpt of this can be found here.

The_Designer.TMP presents a semi-fictional script spoken in the alternative language of wavelengths. This script is materialised through a wall print of the editorial process
in creating the script and four garments representing each character in the script.