collaborative worldbuilding 
&  speculative storytelling

‘Queer Mercury’ 3-channel installation at ‘From Then to Here’, Roodkapje, 2021.
Photography: Beeldsmits


     2021 – DIG

     Director, producer and co-editor: Erik Peters
     Cinematographer and co-editor: Emilia Tapprest
       Performers and interviewees:
Nubia Génesis, Sarafina Paulina Bonita and Monika Vineyard


Queer Mercury (17 min) is a visual exploration into the possible utopian impulse embedded in queer collectivity.

Queer futurity, as explained by José Esteban Muñoz, is essentially about the rejection of the ‘here and now’ and an insistence on potentiality for another world. More important than defining an end goal is striving for, and moving towards, more inclusive worlds.

De documentary follows three members of the Dutch ballroom scene during the preparations for the Utopia Ball, held in Kunsthal in September 2021. The three protagonists reflect on how ballroom culture pursues this utopia by creating an inclusive space in which all gender identities and expressions are welcome.

The performances can be experienced as a continuous striving towards inclusive futures that are not yet here, with gestures and movements that transmit knowledge of queer histories and possibilities.

Link to full documentary available upon request.

‘Queer Mercury’ at ‘Deep in Vogue’, Kunsthal, Rotterdam 2022.

Photography: Erik Peters