collaborative worldbuilding 
&  speculative storytelling


     2020 – PUB 

     In collaboration with Carlos Pastor Garcia and Irene Sempere

Intempo is a fictional short story and visual essay exploring alternative care structures, care ecotones, interdependent relationships and interspecies cohabitation in a post-apocalyptic world. The story is set in tourist destination Benidorm, Spain, where the empty skyscrapers have proved to be a safe haven for many species against the extreme weather conditions.

The project was developed during the Post-Inertia residency. Covid19 seems to have interrupted the ‘long-now’ inertia, opening a portal to potential shifts. Its consequences changed a series of productive, relational and economical inertia. By doing so, the social understanding of the future has glitched, and now we’re trying to rebuild it embroiled in uncertainty.

Post-Inertia is an online summer school aimed to explore the role of speculative design in the current moment of social re-stabilization. The course will have two simultaneous levels, a general one focused on speculative thinking and practices, and a more particular one, where this knowledge will be applied, in smaller groups, to particular areas.