collaborative worldbuilding 
&  speculative storytelling

︎ EtherAxis

     2021 – SPA 
     Game installation

     Artistic Director and executive Producer – Louisa Teichmann
     Narrative Design by – Federico Poni, Louisa Teichmann
     Writer & Copy Editor – Erik Peters

     Sound Design by – Federico Poni
     App Design by – Federico Poni
     Visual Language by – Camilo García A.
     Installation Design by – Liminal Vision
     Performers – Sasa Hara, Federico Poni, Derk Over
     Procedural Animation (Location 4) by - Castro Chaponan Claudio

‘EtherAxis’ is an interactive game installation and reflection tool aiming to challenge the inner paradigms that shape our perception of realities. The physical relic that forms the base for this game shape-shifts in different contexts.

The structure of the gameboard emphasises four main axes, each connected to multiple ancient symbols of alchemy, hacked to uncover their original meanings. In this constellation of four interlaced geographic grids, the dreamer wanders through bridging fields on a spatiotemporal axis. Throughout the Overkill, EtherAxis lures you into the streets to find its messages hidden in plain sight, stepping over to the worlds floating in the ether.‍

The first iteration of the game board was built for the exhibition ‘From Then To Here’ by Erik Peters At Roodkapje. In this second iteration, EtherAxis found a new context within the surroundings of The Overkill Festival in Enschede.

EtherAxis is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Camilo García A., Emilia Tapprest, Erik Peters, Federico Poni, Louisa Teichmann & Victor Evink, during the Hamburger Community of Live & Art trajectory of Roodkapje.


     With Special Thanks To The Overkill, Stichting Droom en Daad & Roodkapjed
     Voice Over by – Louisa Teichmann, Sasa Hara, Federico Poni, Derk Over
     Players – Aike Lütkemöller, Cyanne van den Houten, Erik Peters, Roos              Groothuizen

     Video by a small production company