– combining
graphic and spatial design
– with research and
speculative storytelling

– exploring futures in
its plurality  

Erik Peters is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and researcher combining graphic and spatial design backgrounds with research and speculative storytelling.

He is interested in researching and designing alternatives. His explorations result in publications, scenarios and artefacts. Through queering ecology and technology, he explores alternative futures from a more-than-human perspective within an extended ecosystem of interdependencies.

Artist-in-residence at Hamburger Community of Art, Rotterdam.

Current research trajectory
supported by CBK O&O Regeling 2021

︎ hello(at)erikpeters.work
︎ e_ptrs / ︎ e-ptrs  


Since graduating cum laude from AKI ArtEZ Enschede in Crossmedia Design, he has worked for design agencies like Thonik and KLEIN.

Currently he works for cultural institutions as Het Nieuwe Instituut, TENT Rotterdam and Wintertuin, and is involved with projects with book publisher Valiz, AI meets Design, Speculative Futures Rotterdam and the research project The Critical Visitor: Intersectional Approaches for Rethinking & Retooling Accessibility and Inclusivity in Heritage Spaces.


2020-10 This is not a simulation at Dutch Design Week. Een Wandeling door Woensel-West. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Data-West at Dutch Design Week. Een Wandeling door Woensel-West. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Data West at Kelderman en van Noort. Een Wandeling door Woensel-West. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

2019-11 ︎︎︎ 2020-02
BIO26 Common Knowledge, The 26th Biennial of Design Ljubljana. The_Designer.TMP. Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Graduation show at AKI Finals. The_Designer.TMP. Enschede, The Netherlands.

ADCN – Go Ape! It’s the year of the monkey! at Stedelijk Museum. For Sale. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


2021-02 ︎︎︎ 2022-01
Hamburger Community of Art, Roodkapje.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Designing into the Future, Istanbul Design Biennale. Istanbul, Turkey.

2020-06 ︎︎︎ 2020-07 (online)
Post-Inertia: Speculative Practices for Social Re-stabilization, Port-0. Barcelona, Spain.


Philosophy of Technology and Design, Short Course. University of Twente. Enschede, The Netherlands.

2017 ︎︎︎ 2018
Design for Art Direction, Exchange. London College of Communication. London, United Kingdom

2015 ︎︎︎ 2019
Crossmedia Design (cum laude), bachelor of design. AKI ArtEZ. Enschede, The Netherlands